Ako lang 'to

Helloo!!! I am Rhey Aladin from STI college novaliches, i am a new student here :). I am studying IT in Mobile App and Web Development here in STI. My hobbies are playing games and reading manhwas/manhua. I like playing games like Valorant, Terraria, Black Desert Online, Mir4, Asphalt 9, PUBG. I live in Nia Village Sauyo Quezon City. And i also like Cats :)). I wanted to become a doctor but i don't wanna take STEM and it also take too long to become a Doctor and i think IT MAWD is the only strand that i will enjoy. I dont want stress, i wanna enjoy my life.


Basics of HTML

This is when i first started learning HTML. i learned how to put paragraphs in a website and how to change the size of a text

Basics of Java

This is when i first learned Java. I learned that i can use the System.out.print to print whatever i like, i can use it to print texts in Java


Acelina School Montessori Inc.

Elementary Graduate

Sauyo High School

Junior High School Graduate

Sti College Novaliches

Studying Programming